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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


One Thanksgiving after dinner, we left the nearly cleared table only to return to discover the turkey carcass rebelling against having been eaten. It was standing up, breast bone facing us, stumbling around the table headless, a pair of black paws underneath us.Our Scottie-mix dog had gotten so excited at the thought of turkey leftovers, she had squeezed her entire body inside the turkey and trapped herself. One might guess that she was surprised to be stuck. But noooo! She was very unhappy with us when we tried to get the turkey off her. She wanted to stay right inside and eat every bit she could find.

This Thanksgiving, thinking we knew everything our latest dog might be interested in, we left only parts of a pecan and pumpkin pies on the table while we washed dishes. When we walked into the dining room to check for any silverware we'd missed, this is what we found:

What is he after? We didn't leave any meat.

Oh my gosh! He's finishing off the pumpkin and pecan pie!!

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