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Sunday, December 17, 2017


On December 10, 2017, my friend's 22-year-old son lost his battle with drug addiction. She is a great mother and works long and difficult hours to support her family. Now, she will never see her eldest son marry, have a family, play with his children, travel the world together and he will never get to do those things. He will never enjoy all of life's pleasures and sorrows. He will miss this Christmas and every Christmas from now on. He won't be at his next birthday. For everyone he knew, he will stay 22 forever. Those same people will be swallowed by sadness on those same birthdays. My friend will never bake her oldest son another birthday cake or sing him "Happy Birthday." His younger brother will miss him terribly, for the rest of his life. His mother's birthday was a few days after his death. His funeral was December 16, 2017.

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