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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


While these poisonous plants are all spectacular in the fall, attracting kids to pick them, don't forget they are still poisonous all year. When they're green you might not even notice them. This is a picture from my very suburban yard. Can you find the plant that is poison right at my front stoop? What is it? If you can't find it a determine what it is, right me a comment and I'll help you.

I didn't notice this five-leafer crawling up a tree a few feet from backdoor in my yard until it started changing color. Do you recognize it?

The best way to help your kids, especially the youngest, stay safe from poison plants is to create a matching game. Make flashcards. Draw two or three of the same leaf, like poison ivy. Make them as identical as possible.  Mix all the cards together upside down like a commercial matching game. Turn one card and try to  match it by turning another card over. If they don't match turn them back over.  Continue until you get a match. P.S. It's also a memory game. You can so include the berries of each poisonous plant, but color them or make their shape appropriately different. Here's a list of possible cards. 1. Poison Ivy  2. Poison Oak  3. Virginia Creeper  4. Poison Sumac  5. Non-poison sumac (I'll tell you about sumac in a later part.

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