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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Trick-o-Treat is always fun. Most kids, at least today, come in a store-bought, commercially inspired costumes, but at least three who visited us, stood out as very creative and thinking-outside-the-box. Wish I could have taken their pictures. The first was an eleven or twelve-year-old who came in a self-made Waldo costume from the Where's Waldo book series. I love book inspired costumes! A little boy about 3 o 4 wore an full body short brown curly-haired suit with ears. Only his face showed. I guess I should have said 'tell me what you are', but I asked, are you a bear or a dog? With an extremely superior, indignant voice he said, "I'm an OTTER!"  I loved that. Later, a 3 year-old girl wearing a red tutu sprinkled with tiny, red gems, a glittering top with red twinkles all over it and a red sequin crown came to the door with her older brother (he was probably about 6). Now, I thought it was obvious what she was, but I said, "And you're a beautiful ballerina." She started galloping in place and said, "No, I'm a horse." Her brother said, "She's a ballerina." She kept right on galloping and said, "No. I'm a horse. I love big dogs and big horses." Off she galloped down the sidewalk, down the driveway and back to her mother, who waved.

I like to go as an endangered species! Excuse the wrinkled, dog-hair covered t-shirt. I forgot I had it on.          

One of my dogs was not very cooperative when we tried to take his picture. He wouldn't keep his ears in the alotted holes. So, his costume head kept falling back. (look closely you'll see he was black nose at the very bottom of the picture and his bangs covering his eyes. That way, you can try to imagine how he looked, though.

My friend made her dog, Sara, a Lion costume. Sara's so proud in her costume, unlike my dog, Bebe. He's usually just as smiley as Sara, but maybe he wanted to be a Lion instead of a Sock Puppet.

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