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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sick Cat Getting Better Part 2 with Picture

This is Mittens before he was injured, but in a cranky state. My daughter has hidden all the wonderful pictures of him because "He's my cat. When I leave, I'm taking him with me."  In spite of how he looks here, he was always the sweetest, kindest cat--perfect for a child. She dressed him up, carried him around like a sack of sand, forced him to sleep with her and a new cat, when they refused to get along. She put them both in an arm clench and made them sleep so close together all night, so that neither one of them could move. The next day they were friends and have been ever since.

          Mittens has been locked in a large dog cage with a soft blanket under a brand new clean cat bed, so he wouldn't get any germs in his incision. He had his own cat box, cleaned twice a day, when he was finally able to start using it. He had fresh water every 12 hours. His long incision was closed with huge staples. They looked very painful. He had a blood filled bag to hold the drainage from his incision. Now I'm not a nurse and none of us are fans of blood, but I drained the bag 3-4 times a day and recorded how much drainage he had in the bag. Eventually he started eating, lots of small portion a day, iced his incision 3-4 time a day. He turned over just like a baby puppy to show his tummy and lay there perfectly happy getting his ears scatched for 20 minutes at a time.

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