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Saturday, September 2, 2017


I'm  going to bring you up to date if you haven't had time to cover all 4 of these posts. To get a full picture and the beginning of this post, see March 31, 2017 YIKES! MY TODDLER POOPS IN THE CLOSET! Part 1 and YIKES! MY TODDLER POOPS IN THE CLOSET! Part 2 on April 4, 2017. When I wrote YIKES! MY TODDLER POOPS IN THE CLOSET! Part 2, Because I no longer had the original or photos of the original for those 2 posts or a "How to Get Them Out of the Closet and onto the Potty" kit, I've been digging around for things to illustrate the kit for you Remember just because I combine all fun with educating, and in this case, something my daughter could use in the bathtub to explore what she was learning and develop her imagination, you don't have to use critters from the ocean. Maybe your child likes dinosaurs, horses, or knights. I'm sure you can come up with your own  "How to Get Them Out of the Closet and onto the Potty" kit.

WARNING! Depending on the age of your child, whether or not s/he puts things in his mouth to explore them or EAT them, you need to pick you plastic creatures or characters that are bigger than mine were. Or, you can use your kit to get you child to stop putting small or non-edible things in your mouth. You know. Try: "If you want to play ocean or play this game and get lots of plastic animals, you can't put them in your mouth, or I'll have to stop giving them to you."

Here's a sample of what Julia''s Ocean was like:

The only real items I used in Julia's ocean were rocks, seashells (very breakable, but Julia never broke any. I think she treasured them.) and fake driftwood I found in our gardens. I only included these as teaching tools, so that Julia would know that there were rocks, seashells and driftwood in actual oceans. Some closer shots of parts of the ocean will follow with lists, in order for you to have a true or sample picture of what was included.

1. What I used for seawood in this ocean were really pieces of fake succulents, but it the original ocean, I found some plastic trees in a cowboy and Indian kit. I cut the parts I could make look like seaweek apart.
2. Here are some of the actual rocks I found in the yard. (I keep them hidden so that they would work as behavior motivators too.
3. Next to the big gray rock is part of the rubber shell and a killer whale  (for a better look see whole ocean.

1. In this close up, you'll find pieces of a rubber succulent that look like ocean plants. They are hiding a baby beluga, Can you find him? (the information was printed right on the bottom.)
2. A grey striped eel.
3. A seahorse.
4. A fat orange sea cucumber. with part of a grey dolphin next to it.
5. Real seashells
6. A starfish

This is a fun close-up.
1. A friend made Julia a sunken ship with his 3D printer.
2. A weird-shaped rock I sprayed silver. It can make one or more to teach whatever you want to. I told Julia it was a piece of a meteor that fell from space into the ocean.  Mine looks samll but shiny right next to the crab (you can see it better in the photo of the big ocean.)

That should give you a pretty good idea. Have fun.

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