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Friday, August 11, 2017


Yup, the other day when I was running my antivirus, I got a message. It said we recommend that you add this Microsoft attachment (that's probably not the right word) or your computers might catch this horrible, worldwide, very bad, ugly worm with this name_______ (I can't remember it exactly). Now, you're probably all smarter than I am, but I did what my antivirus said. It's always worked before.

But this time, within an hour, not only could I not get the internet, it's icon was completely gone. I couldn't find my antivirus, call it up or find it's icon either. Not anywhere. 

So, when I took all my computers to my computer repair shop, I got a lecture (Like I really needed that!). "Don't do anything your anti-virus, Microsoft etc. recommend, You're probably giving your computers just what you're trying to avoid. You know, that horrible, worldwide, very bad, ugly WORM!!! Bad people etc.can make themselves look just like your antivirus program, your bank, your doctor, your kids, Microsoft, that really sexy guy on your dating service etc. What ever they tell you...DON'T DO IT! "

So after all these days without my computers, missing my postings to you ((I COMPLETELY APOLOGIZE!!!!!),and everything else I was supposed to do, I hope I've learned my lesson. Because I don't want to look like that kid above again!

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