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Monday, August 28, 2017


I've been cruising around Pintrest for something interesting (not busy work) for linking books and fun things to do to excite your child about books. All I found was crafts (busy work) or worksheets (more busy work) from professional teachers. Read this book, my daughter's favorite when she was very little and Pooping in the Closet (see Yikes! My Toddler Pooped in the Closet Part 1,2,ans 3)

 You can also read any book about Seahorses. Seahorses are so amazing, because the father raises the babies. Then give your child or children the craft for Yikes! My Toddler Poops in the Closet Part 3 and 4 (coming soon).
Complete Ocean Rewards. But to inspire seahorse play for a book about seahorse, the seahorse by itself is perfect. More seahorse play to follow soon.

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