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Monday, August 7, 2017


Do you and your kids love dogs and astronomy? Coming soon is a great time to see both in the night sky. When I was little, my father would carry me outside at night and point out constellations.

The sky is so enormous and how fascinating that it is full of symbols. I didn't become an astronomer, but I'm always excited about whats going on in the heavens. I've seen one complete solar eclipse and plan to see the one coming up. I read that Venus was travelling across the sun and googled our local astronomy club. It was meeting behind a local school and offered a number of large telescopes, but you could bring your own. I found it highly amusing that one parent was so excited about looking through the big telescope multiple times, that he said to his kids: "I'll show it to you after I see it again." This might seem mean or selfish, but if you show great excitement for a subjects, your kids are likely to too.

Canis Major means Great Dog in Greek mythology  A major star in Canis Major, Sirius, often called the Dog Star, and is probably the source of the name for Harry Potter's Animagus godfather, who escaped from Azkaban. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky because of its luminosity (its reflection of continuous steady light) and nearness to the Earth. There are other brighter objects like the moon, but wow a star that unskilled observers think is a UFO!. Some depictions of Sirius as a dog described the star as the nose of the dog. That's the way it's presented in the night sky just below.

                                                     FIND IT IN THE NIGHT SKY.
from http://stories.barkpost.com

Don't you just love this book cover? The stars can really stimulate imagination. This book, Sirius The Dog Star, is fiction and  made up of short tales for dog and science fiction lovers.
P.S. This dog looks just like one of my dogs. Isn't he cute? Mine doesn't have a space suit though. He does wear a sock puppet costume for Halloween and costume parties.

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