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Sunday, July 23, 2017


I have always thought that testing, especially for preschoolers and young elementary school kids was a terrible mistake. How can any educator think that young children who are labelled as FAILURES on tests, projects or interviews from early ages will ever think of themselves as anything but FAILURES for most of their lives. Most of us know that when children get encouragement and positive reinforcement think of themselves as talented and successful. They develop confidence.
If you have very little children, you might remember racing your child with baby steps so that the child could win. In fact, there are many games for kids that you have to teach them to play by pretending to lose a few times before you play with them for keeps. Mrs. George W. Bush, a former school teacher, came up with the idea that testing was the way to know which kids were behind. So she invented NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. After the kids who are behind fail the tests over and over, not only do they know they're behind, but they'll feel like the child in the above picture 

Although I already have a degree from Case Western Reserve and the Cleveland Institute of Music, when my husband got a university job, I decided to take some courses. It never occurred to me, I'd learn something else negative about the testing, testing, testing of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND.
The particular class was college level Early American History. As I had always done, I sat in the front row so that I could hear the professor and took written notes, because writing your notes makes you remember the information (Oops. We're not teaching our kids cursive anymore.) At a certain point, our class broke into smaller groups for one oral report.

While we were working together, one of my fellow college students asked me: "Why are you taking so many notes?" I said, "Because I want to learn the information." My fellow oral report colleagues, who had grown up with the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND education system and who were actually the correct age for college, said: "We don't care about learning, we just want to pass the test."
Isn't this great education?

Due to the successful NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND program of testing to see if the student is keeping up, now kids don't want to learn, they just want to pass the TEST. Additionally, the high anxiety levels about failure starts in pre-school and kindergarten  What kind of educator would think these things make for a good education? The only way you can change this is by contacting your congressmen, electing the ones who agrees with you, and writing your local, state and national board of education!

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