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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Because I was completely paralyzed when I was 19, I wanted to listen to a radio interview with Leslie D. Michelson about his book, THE PATIENT'S PLAYBOOK: HOW TO SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF THOSE YOU LOVE.  As I listened, the things he was recommending were things that I had learned at 19, many which kept me me alive. What I mean is this: 11 doctors, ranging from emergency room physicians to recommended personal internists.. True, they did say different things-1. It's all in your head (many females, young or old, have hear that one) 2. You're too sunburn. 3. You're just nervous about school (my senior year of college) 4. You're allergic to fruit spay (I was in Florida, orange and grapefruit capitol of America)  5.One hospital was at least close in their diagnosis. They said, "You have polio, but we don't have the ability and equipment to treat you here." They sent me back down to the hospital where the emergency room physician, the first doctor I seen, had told me the symptoms I was having "were all in my head." Believe me, I didn't want to go there again. But the reason I survived was because I listened to my intuition instead of those doctors.

No this is not me. But she looks pretty much the way I did and has the same illness I had, only she has it in now, 2017.                                                        Photo from  Jane Friday's Medical Fund at Gofundme.com                                                                                                                                

I  know that many people die with this illness when they are misdiagnosed. My father who was 80, when he was diagnosed by his life-long internist with Bronchitis. He'd really had congestive heart failure and died because he was misdiagnosed.  If he had been properly diagnosed and properly treated, he' wouldn't have died. I don't want these kinds of things to happen to any other children or fathers or anyone else for that matter. Please read: THE PATIENT'S PLAYBOOK and at least be more prepared for a difficult health situation.

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