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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I know how important finding ticks and avoiding Lyme Disease is because I have known people that had it. When I saw this on Linkedin today, I had to post it for you. It came from:

Lorraine Damonte

Creator of Spot the tick - Author and artist


Knockholt, Kent, United Kingdom

Lorraine wrote this. I met two lovely ladies today from the Academy of nutritional Medicine. They have invited me to their next conference to sell my book. I will get to hear the speakers for free, it is a wonderful gesture and opportunity for me to promote my book. Lyme disease is best avoided , prevention is better than cure. Think smart, think tick, spot the tick! Prevention is vital, awareness is key. Alicia Cashman , Adrian VanKeuren , Alison Perch , Andrew Mckay MBA NPQH BEng (Hons) IEng , Andy Goodeve , Lu Ann Worley , Armin Schwarzbach, Dr. med. , Alexandra Fernandez , Angelina Bosch Musik-Comp , Angelica Johansson , Angie Silver , anne bago , Andy Nicholls , Angie Gravois, RN , Andy Comfort , Andrew Warren , Andre Picard , Nikki McMath , Nicki Norman , Janet Hill , Jacqui Paterson , Jenny Swart Rush - Lymethriving , Julia Knight

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