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Saturday, June 24, 2017


When my daughter was three-years-old I was looking up something in the children's department of a small town library with only two computers. What could be more innocent? Right? No. Not right! Trying to pull up something ordinary with Julia right next to me watching my every move,  I almost fainted when pornographic crotch shots of women popped onto the screen. Julia's eyes grew enormous and I switched off the computer as fast as I could and went to the librarian who had no reaction. All I could think about was what that unplanned event could do to my daughter's emotional health and development.
What's that Mommy?

Some libraries will not use google safe search or other child protection programs even for the very youngest children, considering it an issue of interfering with freedom of speech. Now, personally I don't know why gross pictures of women's crotches or male giant penises is an issue of speech, but some people do. If you don't want what happened to my child to happen to yours, check you local libraries attitudes and rules about kids access to pornography.

At any rate, we all know there are great things at the library, but just in case.

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