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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I have a friend that works at Akron Children's Hospital, she researches medical questions about child development for me on their medical search engine. I couldn't get in rough with her today, but I did find something on WedMD that blew me away because I always thought I might be a bit old-fashioned about the development of kids through play because most of the people in my family were teachers. Given that the article was in the WebMd archives, I continue to see articles on the same topic which I will put up soon. http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/kids-playing-slingshots-vs-video-games#1

                              Nevit Dilmen - Own work from wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons

When I gave my Books-in-Action programs, I didn't allow any electronics. Once I saw a 3 or 4-year-old  sitting in a shopping cart next to me at the grocery store check. He was playing video games on his mother's cell phone. He never looked up at his surroundings or people who spoke to him.  I thought, I hope he doesn't show up at any of my programs. And guess what, there he was the very fir
st day of camp. When he arrived, we were already singing, reading and playing "roll down the hill." He took a look at us and said, "I don't want to do that!" I said, that's fine, you can go play in the fort, which was right next to us. He disappeared under the sheets.

We kept playing, singing and reading. I saw him peek out a few times to see what was going on, but he'd disappear under the sheets again. After a while, he came out of the fort and watched at closer range. Then, he joined the group. He played everything, made new friends, had fun and experience a lot of hands-on-play from across the years like marbles, dress-up and hula hoops.

BOOKS-IN-ACTION (The Nutcracker--imagination, reading, visualization, expressive movement, dress-up, interpreting music, rhythmic meters that build better speech, visual focus) 
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