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Monday, June 5, 2017


Judy Liotta, a friend of mine, who entertained her nieces and my daughter while we were having play dates. had a great way with kids. While other children complained "I'm bored," they never did it when they were with Judy.

Here's how she did. While travelling around with a car full of young riders, she had a Travelling Game. It always worked. Grown-ups along-for-the-ride had fun too. If we were coming to a railroad track, Judy would say, "Railroad tracks." We'd all lift our feet high off the floor and kept them that way until we were over the track. If we were about to pass under a bridge. We'd raise our hands over our heads and press on the roof if our arms were long enough, so the bridge wouldn't collapse on top of our car. Passing a cemetery? Everyone hold your breath! The game improved our attention spans, made great family fun, taught the kids they have some control over their lives and everyone became more observant of the world around them.

Here's an idea from me: As everyone becomes familiar with the Travelling Game, make up your own actions to add. Hold your ears closed when a fire truck races by! See a swimming pool or lake? Hold your nose, puff out you cheeks and squeeze your eyes shut until you've driven by. Grown-up? If you can take it, add sound effects together!

My friend, Judy Liotta, died January 22, 2016
She left behind fun, play and laughter we'll pass on to others through the years.
Love you, Judy

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