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Thursday, June 1, 2017


Community Table’s American Profile May 21-27 featured DOG PARKS DO’S AND DON’TS by Heather Donahue in their good life guide section. The article left readers feeling that everyone who brings their dog to a dog parks will be responsible. That all the dogs that come to the dog park will be healthy and have their required shots. Neither of those things is true.

We have a huge gorgeous dog park in Stow, OH. It has large and small dog areas, a large lake, a diving area for diving dogs, an agility coarse, balls and Frisbees to play with, picnic tables, a dog wash and much more. When the dog park first opened, we were very excited to take our dogs there. But we no longer do that.   
Our dog park has rules, however, it is not supervised. The city expects the dog owners to closely watch their dogs and make sure their dogs are up-to-date on shots. It's free to use the dog park after all. We expected dog lovers who would bring their dogs to play at a dog park to do those things. At our early visits, we saw dogs with terrible diarrhea going to the bathroom in the lake. Each time, we sought the owners to let them know their dogs were sick. We never found an owner. Not once. 

We discovered that many owners dropped their dogs at the dog park on their way to work and didn’t pick them up until late when they returned home. Many aggressive dogs prowled the dog parks. At least one dog was killed by another dog while the attacked dog’s owner watched. We could see why our vet wasn’t excited about dog parks. We didn't really feel safe there either. We stopped going. 

Later, we discovered a safer, healthier option—doggy daycares. Dog daycares require health and shot records from their clients. Their doggy customers must be registered. Dog daycares are supervised. At our dog daycare, the dogs are excited to play with dogs they recognize. The dogs adore their caregivers. Instead of one dog park, there are multiple options. Some dog daycares are very businesslike, with caregivers that merely watch the dogs, but don’t play with them. Some dog daycares are smaller with more personal attention. These are like leaving your dogs with a close friend. You can stay and play with your dog, leave it for a short visit or to play all day. However, you do have to pay for this privilege. Most people think it’s worth it.  

                                                                      DOGGY DAYCARE

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