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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


To continue, I came up with a learning/reward system. 

We made an ocean. Here's how:

1. Purchase one fairly large, low sided plastic container with lid for storage.
2. Purchase a package of plastic ocean creatures (mine had names stamped on the bottom     of each one)
3. Collect small shells, tiny rocks, plastic boats, pieces of wood that looked like driftwood, small plastic plants that could pass for seaweed.

Now that you have your collection ready. Every time your child poops in the potty, give them something new for their ocean. PLUS they learn the names of different sea creatures and other things that are in the ocean. 

Julia often played with "Her Ocean" in the kitchen, her bedroom etc., but she especially loved taking her ocean into the bathtub with her for bath time.

Depending on your child, you might want to do bugs or jungle animals etc., but if you use something different, you probably won't be able to have a bathtub ocean.

A few other suggestions: 

1. A book and DVD set: ONCE UPON A POTTY by Alona Frankel (one book especially for girls and a different book especially for boys. Julia particularly loved this book because it was so direct her father was horrified every time he read or  watched it. Can you believe the blood ran out of his face.

2. Book: EVERYBODY POOPS by Taro Gomi
Even I wasn't particularly fond of this book, but it lets kids know that pooping is a normal part of life. Or, basically, It's okay to poop. Everybody does. Julia thought this book was funny, but her favorite was Once Upon A Potty.

Today, as Julia grows up,  she tells me there are potties that have sound and light shows in a celebratory display every time the potty feels any weight in the bottom. And come to think of it, I'm sure we jumped up and down and clapped at every potty success. Anyway, I recommend that if you don't want to have a toddler that poops in your closet or somewhere else every time they have to poop, that you try that fancy new potty Julia told me about. 

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