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Saturday, April 15, 2017


I've had many a wonderful Easter with Greek friends. One thing that kids of all ages and ethnicities seem to love is the game of egg bopping, although we used eggs of all colors. If you look online you'll see a lot of red eggs, which I'm guessing represents the blood of Christ. My friends never did it that way. So do things the way you want to. This picture shows how it's done. One person bops another person egg to begin.

cracking-eggs.jpg (702×702)

Here's How to Play:
1. Well before hand, hard boil eggs thoroughly, cool completely and refrigerate until you're ready to die you eggs.
2. Die your eggs.
3. With enough eggs brightly colored for each guest and a few extra, set them out on a plate or put them in an Easter basket in the refrigerator until you are ready to play.
4. Everyone, even the youngest (who might need some assistance) and the very oldest choose one egg.
5. Two people begin. One guest is the bopper and the other holds one end of their egg ready to be bopped (the boppee).
6.  If the boopee's egg doesn't break, that guest gets to turn around and bop the egg of the guest who tried to bop them.
7. Anotherwords, whoever's egg doesn't break bops the next boppee.
8. This continues between the two original players until one player has both ends of their egg broken. They are now out.
9. Of the original players, the guest with one end remaining goes on to the next boppee. This continues around the room until only one person has one end of their egg remaining unbroken. They win and you'll probably make lots of eggs salad the next day.

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