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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I had a several very strange shaped gifts to wrap this Christmas.. I know this package looks like gift wrapped rising yeast bread, but it's not. When a friend took it out of its shipping box, she thought it was the gift. Her daughter, whose son also received a weird shaped present too, told her it wasn't. "No Mom. That's only the gift wrap. You're supposed to unwrap it!" And of course, you can use this kind of wrapping for ordinary old gifts, like socks, too.

This gift is for Christmas, but this kind of wrapping works for any holiday. Just change the fabric.
Here's the directions:
1. Take your gift to the cheapest fabric store you can think of. Buy enough fabric to cover the whole gift plus three-five inches extra left over at the top when you gather it to one side. If your child is interested let him/her choose the fabric.
2. Purchase the kind and color of wired ribbon you want plus any ornamentation you'd like and a little floral wire. (In this case, my little extra was a silk poinsettia with glittery trim. Your child can help you choose the extra decoration.
3.When you're ready to wrap, cut a long piece of leftover fabric (or use string or old ribbon) to tie the gathered fabric at the top. Tie it tight. Now, with scissors even out the gather at the top to about two inches long (I used pinking scissors to do this.)
4. Make your bow from one of the excellent online directions for creating a wired ribbon bow.
5. Wire in the extra decoration. Again using a narrow piece of leftover fabric attach it. Voila!

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