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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Children who have no sense of awe and wonder have no self-stimulated imagination or curiosity. As parents and educators, we must realize that without awe and wonder we will have no new inventors, writers, scientists or mathematicians. A lack of current methods o teach imagination, creativity and attention span are what the-powers-that-be seem to want out of today's American students. Pop Culture and reality television do not project a respect of knowledge. Thus, they cause not motivation to learn. The human race must realize that without wonder creators will no longer imagine that man can fly, that a human heart can be transplanted from one human to another, that a cure for polio, TB, smallpox etc. can be found, that microwaves can carry messages around the globe.  Without a creative spirit, we will no longer hear composers who are able to imagine--from single unrelated sounds-- Beethoven's glorious Ninth Symphony, the Beatles' Yesterday or Maroon 5 's Moves Like Jagger. Nor would we see artworks by daVinci, Picasso or Warhol.

 With eductional offerings that range from Baby and Me classes to programs for mixed-age groups up to age 7, I try to instill wonder in every student and re-inspire it in their parents. Even children who have been over-exposed to licensed characters, rapid-fire television and video game graphics, advertising and "No Child Left Behind" can be lured back to their natural creative learning instincts through re-instilling wonder.
Fill yourself with the wonder of a child and ask yourself if you'd rather learn about magnets through hearing a lecture and completing worksheets or from finding objects hidden around the room and then, discovering which things are magnetic and which are not, and creating the question "why?" in the explorer's mind.


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