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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

AWE & WONDER, Part 1

People often say "Babies don't know anything."  But we boring grown-ups have been underestimating babies and children for a very long time. Through my own teaching experience with small children, I am stunned to discover that even a few day old infant has incredible intellectual and emotional capacity to respond well beyond their basic instincts, especially when exposed to the right stimulation and experiences.

When Frank and I arrived for our first day home with Baby, my harp with its 48 strings sat near a window that cast a warm light on the instrument. The strings seemed to glow.  I held Baby up too look at it and was shocked to see her placid baby expression change to one of awe. She held her breath. Her eyes widened. Her cheeks flushed. She started to suck and would not look away. And all this without even hearing the music.


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