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Friday, January 1, 2016


Hello Fellow Humans,

Before I start blogging, and stick my foot in my mouth, I want to tell you what my blog will be about. As a parent (the world’s toughest job), lifetime educator, children's book author/illustrator and musician, some of my passions are: 1.To see that all children have a safe and healthy upbringing 2.To help kids learn to love language, learning and reading without the stress of today's pressure-filled public education system 3. To learn to belly dance with those little finger cymbals 4. To help parents with humor, ideas and suggestions that might make their lives easier 5. To skateboard (never happen!)  6. To support parents in making teaching their children stress-free and 7. To balance my check book.

Don’t expect my posts to be mistake free or to have any sense of logical order. When my husband, a university professor, gives me something logical to think about, I tell him “thinking that hard makes my head hurt. “ That’s just not me, I’m creative, childlike and joyful, but I like to apply those characteristics to serious topics. Hopefully, my posts will be funny, entertaining, informative and useful to you.

I don’t think my ideas are always right. Some things will work for some people and not others. My posts will include my experiences, my neighbor’s or the kid's I met at the post office; be hysterically funny, sad, confused, very serious…or just plain human. Several might be long, others very short. They might be peppered with ideas and quotes from comedians and other sources—new and old, famous and not-so-famous--about my favorite subjects. On a good day, I might even add anecdotes about dogs, cats, dirty dishes, hamsters, Adele’s latest album, vomit stains on the rug…well you get the idea.

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